Ramadan Fashion

With major fashion seasons behind us: spring, fall, resort and pre-fall, it is almost impossible to keep up with all the trends.

You might assume that now you have everything in your wardrobe to stay up to date with current fashion but for the Muslim women there is one more period to consider, Ramadan. The month of Ramadan is the holiest time of the year for the Muslim community. It consists of 30 days of prayer and fasting, from down until sundown, followed by Iftar (evening meal which brakes the fast). Ramadan is a time of both, spirituality and celebration, where Muslims gather with their families and friends (including non- Muslim friends) every evening for Iftars. These create high social season in Dubai and the region, where people get together weather they practice Ramadan or not. There is a different outing each day and women love to dress up for it.

Dubai is considered by many as the fashion capital of the Middle East and lots of women here, who dress modestly, see Ramadan as an opportunity to show off their unique style.

Ramadan, in terms of fashion and style, is not only about wearing a traditional black abaya, fashion forward Muslim women opt for dressing modestly, which means exposing only the head, feet and hands. Although, this time of year calls for more conservative way of dressing, there is no direct rule as to the colour, pattern or detailing. We can notice beautiful caftans, embroidery, long sleeve dresses with unique lines and silhouettes, all within parameters of modest fashion.

 We could easily say that Ramadan for Muslim women is an additional fashion season. They want to make a statement during outings with their dear ones and show off beautifully chosen clothes and shoes. There are also Millennial young women to whom it is important to stay up to date with current trends, however, within parameters of modest fashion and respect towards their religion.  Hence, we can notice this year in Ramadan fashion trends of midi lengths, metallic fabrics and bell-shaped sleeves. Another interesting direction during this Muslim holiday season amongst fashion orientated women is detailing. Therefore, lots of embroideries and embellishments not to mention an opulent jewellery and amazing shoes can be expected.

Here at Style Your Armoire (SYA) we can present you with our handpicked Ramadan pieces that are modest, elegant and made out of the finest fabrics. As mentioned above there is no direct colour code rule during this holy period. Since, it is also summer time we added light colour pallet within our selection of full-length cover ups and abayas. Our favourite here has to be the pastel yellow throw- over abaya which is also made of cotton/linen mix to keep you fresh and cool during hot summer days.

In line with current fashion trends are also some of the amazing pieces from our Ramadan collection: Victorian style bow detailed long dress or military style full length gown. Finally, if you into some modern geometric cut, we have beautiful beige long dress with square-cut pockets. All these frocks are modest and elegant but also make you feel unique and you certainly will be able to make a statement in them.

 Style Your Armoire would like to wish you a Happy and Blessed Ramadan.


Ramadan Kareem!