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How to Style Yourself Like a Model Off-Duty.

Hey All!

Have you ever wondered how models' style is so effortlessly high-fashion, even when they're off-duty? Here are our tips and tricks that you can use to get the fashion it-girl look! 

Back to Black

    A black crop top can be styled so many different ways, but the classic head-to-toe monochrome look never fails.

    Instead of defaulting to jeans, dress your top up with gym shorts, Crew socks & throw in super high platform shoes for that extra edge.

    As you head to the gym, slip into your trainers; working out has never been sexier.

    An Extra Layer

      For the most daring styling, but the most modest appearance, try layering a crop top over your evening look.


      Add a crop on top of your favorite dress or gown, creating a flattering fit-and-flare silhouette that is tight around the torso but loose around the arms and body.



      Layer this for a Perfect (formal but not so formal XD) Date Night!


      A Game of Proportions

        Restyle a cropped tank top and consider wearing a long-sleeve jacket on top.


        Pair with a silk dress underneath or a Suede Skirt and you’re good to go.

        Add some gold earrings and nude see-through stilettos to make this look très chic, especially handy in unpredictable weather. 

        Prints on Point

          A nude crop top, a la the Kardashians, paired with floral print high waist shorts is a cool way to show off your artistic side.

          Depending on what color(s) it is, match it with an equally bright pair of sunnies 

          It's all about expressing your creativity, so don't be afraid to step outside a neutral palette. We recommend you pair it with sneakers to offset the girly look, if that’s more ‘your style.’ 

          Go Matchy-Matchy 

          Break up a coordinated set by layering a sporty crop top underneath.

          This style hack can turn any smart work outfit into a going-out look in under a minute.

          To give it depth, choose different shades from the same color family, and top off the ensemble with a custom-made bedazzled head piece & studded sneakers to keep it looking youthful. 

          Embrace the Bright’s 


          Don't be afraid to draw attention to yourself in a bright crop top. 

          Bold hues show you're confident in your own skin, and when paired with a dress of an equally bold color palette, the result is striking. 
          Sports Star 
          Don't let busy prints and bright colors overwhelm your frame.  

          Break up the look by revealing a hint of skinThis is also the perfect outfit to show off that toned bod.  

          That's all for today! Hope you found these tips helpful. 

          All the looks in this post have been styled using products available at styleyourarmoire.com or items you probably already have in your wardrobe! 

          If you try any of these tips, share photos of your looks and tag us on Instagram - @styleyourarmoire. Can't wait to see all your outfits!

          Happy Styling! 




          Big Shoutout to Obaid Razzak, Cécile Biscaglia, Hissa Alboot Alshehhi & Jiya Dang <3


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