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Want that perfect white shirt?

Custom make one best suited to you. Want sustainable? Want light-weight? Want natural fibres?



Style Your Armoire is Dubai's finest luxury and bespoke apparel production house. We offer tailoring services to help makeover your closet; with all new pieces custom-made to fit you and your style, as well as revamping your existing outfits.

Here at Style Your Armoire, we boast a carefully hand-picked selection of luxurious fabrics from Japan, Paris, Italy, etc. for you to choose from. Each piece of clothing is passionately designed, carefully hand-stitched to ensure a clean finish that meets luxury standards. Quality and comfort are key to our brand.

Bespoke Services and Apparel Tailoring / Production

We also make a conscious effort to be more sustainable and ethical in all aspects of our business. We aim to reach a zero-waste standard soon.

Along with serving individuals with their custom clothing needs, we also work with designers and other small businesses to produce their collections.

Our services include: Technical drawings; Pattern Drafting; Grading; Toiles; First Samples; Final Production & even Sourcing of the right type of fabrics and other materials to suit your brand.



Antibacterial & Waterproof Masks

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